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Because rapid reporting is necessary to optimally contribute to the diagnosis, we mainly focus on electronic reporting. The laboratory provides various (digital) options for receiving your results. All results are automatically sent to the physicians eHealthBox several times a day, so that they can be read into the electronic medical record (EMD). We support all common formats for this.
In our results server Lab Online you can consult the available results in real time at any location or time. Previous results are clearly displayed next to each other, graphs and cumulative reports can be printed from here.
Our QuickLab app for your smartphone gives you the flexibility to always stay informed, even without a PC.
Urgent and pathological results are of course communicated by telephone, usually by a clinical biologist, so that the results can be discussed with him/her if necessary. Sms, fax and secure mail are also always possible.
For communication with colleague laboratories or occupational health services, we can provide a Lab-to-Lab link.
Everyone can of course still receive paper reports.