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Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) - Corelab

  • 30 August 2022
  • full-time
  • Antwerp

Gezochte specialisatie/functie

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)

Beschrijving vacature

The General Medical Laboratory, AML, is looking for an MLT (M/F/X) to strengthen the corelab team.

Where will you be working and what is your function?
The corelab of AML is a highly automated department, created thanks to the high-quality input of some 15 employees. The department consolidates research on human and veterinary samples for haematological, biochemical and immunochemical parameters.  We are a diverse department, at the cutting edge of technological developments, with an extensive field of analysis in haematology, coagulation, hormonology, infectious serology, allergology, autoimmunity, drugs, toxicology and tumour markers.
Because the corelab of AML wants to stay at the top, we develop projects to continuously turn these numerous parameters into one high-performance whole by means of the most innovative technologies.
To help realise the new innovations, our team is looking for an equally high-quality employee. In addition to performing daily routine tasks, late shifts and weekend shifts, you will also contribute to the further innovation of the entire department and actively identify points for improvement. Taking responsibility for one or more sub aspects within the department is highly appreciated.

Who are you?
You have a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) with an accreditation number.
You are ambitious, have a positive attitude and need to have the broadest possible knowledge of many aspects of clinical biology. In addition, you may also have an interest in IT and you do not mind looking under the bonnet. Preferably you do this together and in consultation with your colleagues, but if necessary you can also make decisions independently as long as they lead to the most correct results for our patients. You are able to distinguish the essence in the complexity of a whole.
Experience in a corelab is always welcome but enthusiasm and personality prevail.

We offer a full-time position. A part-time function is negotiable (min. 80%)
Duration: contract for 6 months with option for permanent contract.
The terms of employment are in accordance with the Belgian sectoral standards.


Emiel Vloorsstraat 9
2020 Antwerp


Apr. Biol. Sofie Melis
+32 (0)3/30 30 814

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