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Our laboratory A.M.L. is convinced that sustainable business is a must today. Sustainable entrepreneurship translates into different aspects:

    • A.M.L. aims to work in a climate-neutral way. We do this by using green energy and limiting CO2 emissions as much as possible.
    • Waste and pollution are minimised by optimising our production processes and recycling
    • A.M.L. thinks about how we as a laboratory can contribute to environmental preservation and improvement
    • At A.M.L., our employees are essential; we therefore put maximum effort into occupational health and safety
    • A.M.L. is committed to the physical and mental well-being of our employees
    • At A.M.L., the workplace should offer an inspiring and pleasant environment
    • A.M.L. considers sound governance essential for the future. No sustainable policy without a sustainable vision.
    • A.M.L.'s board commits to sustainability through a concrete action plan with specific objectives.
    • A.M.L. believes that transparent policies are the basis for trust

Together with our Sonic Healthcare colleagues, we have developed an E.S.G. plan (Environmental, Social, Governance) and launched it globally in all Sonic Healthcare group laboratories.
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