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Lab Guide

The laboratory provides registered doctors with a lab guide containing useful, detailed information on all laboratory analyses.

Using a search function, you can easily look up the desired laboratory analysis.
Among other things, the Lab Guide provides you with the following information on the various analyses:
  • Analysis number
  • Assay name
  • Synonyms
  • Sample type and sample recipient
  • Collection, storage and transport condition
  • Sample volume and stability
  • Execution frequency and method of analysis
  • BELAC accreditation and ISO standard
  • Executive laboratory
  • Reference values
  • LTAT
Even if you have not yet registered, you can consult an abridged version of our Lab Guide at
This allows you to already consult the basic information on our full range of analyses and to see which analyses are BELAC-accredited.

For specific questions or additional information about the analyses, you can always contact the laboratory. Contact details can be found on our website.
Lab Guide changes
Check here for the latest changes to our Lab Guide.