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UN3373: Biological substance category B


The various branches of the laboratory have their own collection service of more than 80 vehicles. Supported by specially developed software, the laboratory sends out an enthusiastic team of couriers on a daily basis to collect samples in a vast area (more than 100 rounds per day throughout Belgium and the Netherlands).

If you regularly make use of our collection service, our courier will come to you daily at around the same time. You can request a sample pickup via this website, both for regular samples and for urgent samples. But of course you can always contact us at the central number +32(0)3/30.30.800, if possible before 9.30 a.m., so that a good planning can be made and the samples can be collected at the agreed time.

It is obvious that good arrangements are very important here, so that the laboratory can meet your expectations. All wishes can be discussed with your contact person at the laboratory. For more information on the collection service please call the general number +32(0)3/30.30.800.

Transport of medical samples for laboratory purposes is subject to the European Directive UN3373 (Biological substance category B). The refrigerated boxes used by AML for transport of diagnostic samples must therefore have the following identification: UN3373.